August 7, 2020

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If your car is no longer drivable and you are considering selling it for scrap then you may want to consider if it would be possible for you to try and make a bit more money buy stripping it down and selling certain parts.

You may need a little mechanical knowledge or at least a good tutorial to teach you how to safely remove some of the parts but if you can, you can often more than triple the scrap value if not more. Depending on how much time you have and storage space, almost all parts can be sold to make money so if possible, strip off as much as you can. Bumpers, doors and even seats often sell for quite large amounts of money.

There are many ways in which to sell these parts. Some of the social media sites such as Facebook are great for selling cars and car parts but also places like Ebay often give you the best coverage.

Make sure that the vehicle is kept off the road once you have cancelled the tax and insurance, ideally in a garage or a workshop so you have coverage if the weather turns bad.



Cylindrical roller bearings

In contrast to ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings use cylinders as the rolling part. This can help to distribute a load more evenly, as the roller will have more contact with the outer ring. They can be used to achieve high speeds and are most often used in engineering.

You can buy cylindrical roller bearings online, selecting anything from budget options upwards. Take note of the bore and its size so you know you are buying a bearing with the right dimensions. You should also know the inside diameter, outside diameter, width and whether the bearing should have a snap ring.