March 30, 2020

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Tyres – Cracking the code

You may think the codes on your tyres are only of interest to the person changing your tyres but you’d be wrong. There are a few bits of information that you should be aware of, particularly if you’re buying a second hand car or rotating your tyres yourself. The main code on the sidewall (e.g. […]


Frequently Asked Questions about personalised plates

Do you need a private or rather what is commonly known as Personalised Number Plates? These number plates are no longer a preserve of the rich as it was previously. Having such plates is definitely nice and a way of standing out from the crowd. It serves as a sense and a way of identifying […]



Cylindrical roller bearings

In contrast to ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings use cylinders as the rolling part. This can help to distribute a load more evenly, as the roller will have more contact with the outer ring. They can be used to achieve high speeds and are most often used in engineering.

You can buy cylindrical roller bearings online, selecting anything from budget options upwards. Take note of the bore and its size so you know you are buying a bearing with the right dimensions. You should also know the inside diameter, outside diameter, width and whether the bearing should have a snap ring.