August 7, 2020

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Vehicles can be expensive to run not just in terms of fuel, tax and insurance but also in repairs and servicing.

When it comes to repairing your vehicle, whether it be mechanical or cosmetic, you may have the option as to whether you use genuine or non genuine car parts. If you have a warranty either dealer or manufacturers the first thing you want to do if find out if the repair is covered by it. If it is then you may have to take it to a specific garage to get the repairs done. If it is manufactures warranty the parts will probably have to be genuine. If it is covered by a dealership warranty, they ae more likely to use non genuine parts. If you have an older vehicle not covered by a warranty and take it to a local garage they may give you the option as to what parts you wish to use.

Some people think that genuine parts are always better, but for certain repairs this is not always the case. Often you may find that the saving you will make on using non genuine parts means that you could afford to replace the part again in a few years if required and still have saved money. If you are in doubt, speak to an independent garage that you trust and ask their opinion.



Cylindrical roller bearings

In contrast to ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings use cylinders as the rolling part. This can help to distribute a load more evenly, as the roller will have more contact with the outer ring. They can be used to achieve high speeds and are most often used in engineering.

You can buy cylindrical roller bearings online, selecting anything from budget options upwards. Take note of the bore and its size so you know you are buying a bearing with the right dimensions. You should also know the inside diameter, outside diameter, width and whether the bearing should have a snap ring.