July 12, 2020

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If you have got to sell your car privately then you need to showcase it in the best possible light to attract interest and to get the most money for it. Selling a car can be a nightmare and often a longer process than you expected. If you want to get the most for your car then you may need to hold out a good few weeks before you can find a genuinely interested buyer.

You need to advertise the car in as many places as possible to allow for a quick sale. Sites such as Gumtree, Auto Trader, Ebay and even on social media sites such as Facebook are all geared up perfectly to allow you to sell your car. These sites are often free or charge a small fee to allow you to advertise your vehicle for sale.

Images are one of the most important things on a car advert, as buyers want to see exactly what it looks like often before even committing to come to view it. Images are great but Video is even better. Filming a short video on your phone or camcorder may just be enough to clinch a sale. Video allows you to show viewers a 360 degree angle of the vehicle and discuss any positive or negative points about the car as you are going round. You can also allow the viewer to hear the car running. This will give them a lot more confidence and often increases conversion rates.



Cylindrical roller bearings

In contrast to ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings use cylinders as the rolling part. This can help to distribute a load more evenly, as the roller will have more contact with the outer ring. They can be used to achieve high speeds and are most often used in engineering.

You can buy cylindrical roller bearings online, selecting anything from budget options upwards. Take note of the bore and its size so you know you are buying a bearing with the right dimensions. You should also know the inside diameter, outside diameter, width and whether the bearing should have a snap ring.