October 19, 2018

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Tyres are something that almost all motorists will have to replace during their ownership of a vehicle. For the average driver, tyres will often need replacing every year or so depending on how much you drive and your driving style. When looking to buy tyres you have a number of options such as part worn tyres, budget tyres, mid range tyres and then top of the range tyres. Prices vary depending on the size, make and quality and you will often find multiple prices for exactly the same tyre at different garages. Some garages may also have an offer on such as buy one get one free which will mean their tyres work out cheaper if buying more than one.

Part worn tyres often have 3mm of tread of more left on them, many smaller garages sell them. They are not new but should still give you a decent amount of miles left. These are often half the price or cheaper than if you bought the equivalent new tyre. Some garages have stopped selling part worns as they state that a tyre should be changed when it has about 3mm of tread left, so selling a part worn with only 3 or 4mm left on it is not much use to a consumer.