October 19, 2018

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When it comes to choosing tyres for our vehicles, many of us are baffled by the labelling system such as speed ratings and have no idea what quality tyre we need. We often don’t even know the size of the tyre let alone what range we won’t. Most garages will try and upsell you on tyres stating that for a little bit more money you can get a lot better quality tyre, but this is not always true.

Tyres are often split in to three main groups, budget tyre, mid range tyres and high performance tyres and these go up in price accordingly. But saying that, you can pick up some tyres that seem to perform well in a number of areas but are still quite cheap. Within each group you will have a number of tyres made by different manufactures. Many people chose budget tyres simply because they are the cheapest but often they will not only wear quicker making it false economy but also the fuel efficiency will be lower too.

Often it is worth spending a bit more to go for mid range tyres as they usually offer good grip for everyday use, low road noise, fuel efficient and last a lot longer than the majority of budget tyres.