January 20, 2019

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Hands free car sets have been around for a number of years now, and every year more and more devices come on to the market. Traditionally, a hands free car kit was installed in to your vehicle either by the manufacture or by a specialist garage, but with modern systems being so easy to link up, many people can fit them for themselves.

Lots of new cars have built in hands free or allow you to connect your phone via Bluetooth to enable the hands free music playing and talking. If your car doesn’t have this then you could buy a Bluetooth hands free set which is either a 2 way speaker device or a headphone set / ear piece with a microphone. Initially these types of devices seemed to encounter a lot of interference and would often lose connection, but they have improved over the past few years and are now very popular and reliable. You do need to read reviews of such hands free devices before buying them to see what other buyers have said and remember to check battery life span and Bluetooth distance range to ensure it is going to be good enough for what you need.