March 21, 2019

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There often are times when we need to get bodywork repairs done on our vehicle. It may be that you have misjudged a gap and have scrapped down the side of your car, or that you have had someone damage your vehicle in a car park. If you chose to claim off your insurance or someone else’s then they will usually send you to one of their approved repairs to get quotes done. You will not have to get involved in the quote as it is sent to the insurance company direct. If you chose to pay for body work repairs yourself then it is important to obtain your own quotes, ideally three

When it comes to body work repairs, especially painting it is vital that whoever carries the repairs out have the adequate equipment to do so. Often you may get a very cheap quote but the quality of the repair may suffer.

If you do decide to go through your insurance company then be aware of what your excess is going to be as the repair work may cost less or equal to this amount, meaning it is probably not worth claiming. Claiming on your insurance will also cause your premium to increase.