October 19, 2018

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The wheels on your car are obviously a main component of the vehicle and you need to check that they are safe before making any journey. People are often aware to check their tyres to ensure that they are not worn or have a puncture but not many people think to check their wheels. Wheels can easily become damaged over time or due to a knock such as hitting the kerb and if they are damaged they can cause the tire to leak air, the car to not steer straight or even come off the vehicle.

If you have recently taken the car in to a garage and they have had to remove the wheels for any reason then you need to check that they have been fitted back on correctly. Although it is the garages responsibility to ensure the wheels are correctly fitted, there have been many cases where this has not happen and the car has been driven off with a loose wheel. This can not only be a serious safety concern but can also cause damage to other components. If you do have a lose wheel or bolts missing then do not proceed to drive the vehicle without speaking to a mechanic first and rectifying the situation.