February 22, 2019

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The internet is a major part of many people’s daily lives. We reply on the web a lot now for banking, searching for places to eat, booking restaurants or buying tickets to events as well as keeping up with news stories.

Apps are often easy to download on your phone and some of them can make driving a whole lot easier. Google Maps or other Satellite navigation systems have apps that can be downloaded n to your phone meaning everyone can use sat navigation without having to fork out hundreds of pounds for a separate system or paying to have an upgrade at the factory when your car is being built. Many people uses these types of apps day in day out and are able to easily navigate to places they need to get to for free. They also often include traffic updates meaning it will offer you an alternative route should it pick up major delays on the route you are on. Satellite navigation systems allow you to plan our route and with Google street view you can even familiarise yourself with places to look out for on your journey.

If you can plug your phone in to your stereo system, you can often have the directions read out to you through your speakers.