February 22, 2019

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The motoring industry is always advancing and bring out new systems that can help with road safety and driving styles. Many of the new cars that are on the market have colour coded speedometers not only displaying your speed on a digital display but also showing you if you are driving economically or not.

Another nifty little device that may be worth purchasing is one of the portable real time diagnostic boxes that many of the breakdown companies are offering. Companies such as the AA and Greenflag have created these boxes that plug directly in to the diagnostic port on your vehicle. They can read data such as battery issues, engine management fault codes and even driving styles all of which can be fed back to you in real time. With this information at hand you can often prevent a breakdown and also find out how you can save money on fuel and maintenance by driving in a more economical way.

These boxes vary in cost but are usually around £35 for the year, which is roughly the cost of one diagnostic report from a car garage.