Advantages of buying part worn tyres

Part-worn tyres are tyres that have been used before but still have a certain amount of tread left on them. Many drivers in the UK are opting to buy part worn’s as opposed to new tyres, saving themselves hundreds of pounds each year. The reduction in cost often means that drivers can afford to put top quality tyres on their vehicle for a fraction of the cost should they have brought them new. Below are a few of the advantages of buying part worn tyres:

  • Reduction in cost compared to buying new tyres.
  • More environmentally friendly due to less waste being produced and the tyres essentially being recycled. Fewer tyres being produced means less fossil fuel being used.
  • Choosing part-worn tyres is a good way of getting hold of top-end makes, such as those produced by companies like Pirelli and Dunlop and Goodyear, for a fraction of the price they would cost new.

Checking your tyre pressures

There comes a time when we all need to visit the petrol station or get out the tyre inflation pump to check the tyre pressures on our car. Many people only do this when they notice the tyre is flat, but really this should be done on a weekly basis. This not only means that you are driving on the optimum pressure but that if you have a slow puncture develop you can catch it quickly. Driving with the correct tyre pressures has many benefits. Not only is it safer giving the car the correct amount of grip and assisting the brakes should you need to do an emergency stop but can also improve the fuel economy of the car costing you less money. If you are unsure of the correct tyre pressures that should be used then refer to your handbook. If the wheels are aftermarket then you may need to search the internet for recommended tyre pressures.

Is it safe to drive?

However bad an idea it is to drink and drive, there will always be individuals who push it to the limit. Whether you have had just the one after work, or it is the morning after a late night out, should you risk it? However, we often find ourselves in situations where it is unavoidable and driving the car is necessary. Consider purchasing an in car breathalyser. These breathalysers can be approved by certain governments to follow their own regulations. After you have had your after work wind-down drink, or the morning after your late night out, the breathalyser becomes invaluable. While you might think you are perfectly fine to be driving, the test can tell you otherwise. Use the test and ensure that it is safe for both you and others with you driving on the roads. These breathalysers can be purchased from a wide range of places. You must ensure that the one you purchase are calibrated to the same particular legislation of where you are.


It’s never worth the risk.

On the road equipment for off-road protection

With the increased amount of individuals on the road at any one point there was always bound to be traffic accidents. However, there has also been an increased incidence of rear-end crash scams that individuals and businesses alike need to be aware of. The idea of the scam is for a car driving in front of you to slam on their brakes and force you to crash into the rear of their car. You would be seen as the individual at fault and can be found liable. One easy, cheap and effective way to completely counteract this is to purchase a dash-board camera. These cameras video the road in front as you drive. In incidents it can help to ensure that you are able to make a claim, and in the case of the scam, make sure you are not liable.


Recently one viral video circulated of a man driving for a business noticing the scam occurring but was unfortunately too late. Circumstances led to a rear-end collision. Initially the car in front blamed the car behind. The video was shown, the scam was revealed, and the individuals face prison time for fraud while the businessman was free to make a claim. As there were no other cameras on the stretch of road, this saved the local businessman time, money and possibly his job. This could happen to you. Not only are these cameras a good investment to protect yourself, but even some of the leading car insurance agencies are offering discounts for drivers using them! Surely there are no downsides to possessing these?

Bike racks

Bike racks come in many different shapes and sizes. A lot are now universal, but we would suggest picking one specific for your car, if you can opt for this.

They are more practical option than putting your bike(s) in your boot. Not only protecting the inside of your car from dirt and damage, but also allowing your boot/back seat free for dog/human passengers!

Depending how often you are going to use the rack will help you decide on what price range to pick and also what type of fitting you want.

For the everyday/regular users, we would suggest the roof racks as you can keep them in place without them interfering with your boot access. Also picking something sturdier will usually add to the price tag, but for the regular users, it’s worth it.

However for the part time/holiday users, having a boot rack is perfectly suitable as this is easily installed and removed whenever you want to use it.

Why Choose Value Tyres

You could buy a tyre either from a dealer franchise or a tyre specialist. A third option that is gaining popularity is ordering tyres online. Buying a tyre online is a cheaper option unlike the other two.  Most of the online tyre retailers have partnerships with tyre specialists based around the country so why choose Value Tyres? Well, you get a wide selection of tyres to choose from when you visit an online tyre retailer like Value Tyres. They even offer you the flexibility of a tyre fitting appointment with your local tyre fitter..


Value Tyres is a leading independent online tyre retailer in the UK.  From the website, you can choose from a wide range of tyres that specifically suit your requirements. They sell quality tyre brands at competitive prices for their customers. Their quoted prices are inclusive of all service charges, fitting charges and VAT. Value Tyres is known for its frequent offers, discounts, and excellent customer support and service. By shopping at this website, you can also obtain savings on your purchases.

Quality service

Value Tyres are dedicated to providing quick and friendly services to their customers. They constantly review their services, products, website and fitting partners. The team at Value Tyres is knowledgeable and skilled. They can help you with all your needs – whether it is a specific brand or a particular tyre specification you are looking for. You only have to enter the specifications such as width, speed rating, and rim diameter, to find a tyre of your choice. With this information, you could choose from a wide range of tyres matching your specifications. If you do not know the specifications of the tyre, they are there to help you identify the correct tyre for your vehicle.

Wide range

Value Tyres has over 50,000 car tyres available to them at any particular time. You could choose any of the leading brands, be it Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Dunlop, Yokohama, Avon, Continental, Pirelli, BF Goodrich, Fate, Marshal, Cooper, Toyo, Goodyear or any other. Once you choose the tyre and make your purchase, Value Tyres will help locate the nearest service centre to your home where you can take your car and get the new tyre fitted. Value tyres has partnerships with over 600 fitting stations across the UK .They can deliver your order to any of these stations. Also, if you want your tyres to be delivered to your home, you should inform the Value Tyre’s staff and the will send the order to your chosen delivery address in the UK.


Buying car seat covers is a great way to keep your car smelling clean as long as you wash them regularly! Making sure you don’t eat or smoke in your car will help too! Car seat covers are usually universal, but if you can find ones that fit to your seats, you’ll find they fit more snugly. Buying yourself a good set of seat covers, ideally ones that are water resistant will lengthen the life of your seats. Also should you come to sell your car later, they’ll still look as good as new.

Make sure you regularly clean the inside of your car to remove bacteria that causes bad odour – thoroughly cleaning areas most touched will help as this is where we see the most grime build up.

Your air con should be serviced every year to check and top up the refrigerant levels to maintain cold air output. But also have the air circulation system cleaned out – this will also eliminate bad odors and the harmful bacteria that cause them.


Got a dog? Worried about your car “smelling of dog” Got in-bedded pet hair? Or perhaps concerned for your dog’s safety whilst driving? Well, there are lots of accessories on the market for dog owners. Why not try a universal Car Seat Hammock for Dogs? This heavy duty design, made from water, hair and mud resistant material has been designed to provide maximum protection to your car seats from wet or muddy dogs and pet hair. It will also help protect the car from usually inevitable damage from pet claws, which a normal blanket isn’t hardy enough to provide. It will prevent your car seats from getting dirty, stained or damaged whilst creating a safe ‘hammock’ style area for your pet to travel. Most are a universal size and adjustable for use in all makes and model of car, installed under the headrests of the front and back seats.

Benefits of Anti-lock Braking Systems

Depending on the frequency of of your travel and the nature of your work, cars with Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) are a great system that allows increased stability and handling.

ABS is particular effective in bad weather conditions and on unstable surfaces like gravel roads. In these times without ABS on the car there can be situations that arise whereby the vehicle will skid and be very unstable. In these times is where the ABS kicks in.

What ABS does is reduces the pressure to the brakes that is monitored by a computer that measures the revolutions of the wheels and rapid decreases. When this happens the ABS adjusts the pressure in the tyres to allow better handling of the car bringing the car to a stop in a more controlled manner.

In poor or decent conditions ABS is a great added extra to have on your car for increased safety and personal security.

The End of Manual Cars

The autmoatic gearbox has been available for cars since it was introduced as an option for the oldsmobile in the late nineteen thirties, but it has only really been over the last decade where the number of vehicles being made with an automatic transmission has increased dramatically. This is largely due to improvements in its technology, with computers being more advanced, and better able to determine the correct gear setting. It used to be the case that an automatic was far less fuel efficient, but this is no longer the case. The reason for the shift to automatic cars is readily apparent to anyone paying attention: they are far more convenient. Being able to drive along without worrying about changing gears is a luxury which more people are now willing to accept. We have seen further pushes to automate vehicles since automatic transmission was introduced, with the introduction of the automatic braking, all with the eventual goal of fully automatic vehicles.

  • Cheap Number Plates

    Number plates are not only combinations; they have actuallybecome a contemporary car accessory. Contrary to what many people believe, there are a large number of cheap number plates that you can assign to your car, and you don't always have to spend enormous amounts of cash.

  • Car Tyres

    There are many tyre options for your car model, whatever that may be. You can also acquire them through various means, one of which is looking for cheap tyres online, but you could also go to a tyre fitter for a complete service, where you'll also receive advice on the optimal choice for your vehicle.